HORÁČEK A PARTNEŘI was founded as on the basis of its partners’ previous experience working for some of the most prestigious firms in the field of Czech law. Our broad experience in providing legal counsel to individuals, small companies, large corporations and municipalities alike – and in particular to the foreign community located in the Czech Republic – means that HORÁČEK A PARTNEŘI can offer the best possible service without forsaking the personal attention you get from a small firm.

HORÁČEK A PARTNEŘI specializes in commercial law, civil law including family law and landlord – tenant relationships, employment law, administrative law and constitutional law. In addition, we have strong knowledge in specific areas of law such as consumer protection, competition law, data protection law, IP/IT law, electronic communications law and domain procurement (veřejné zakázky), as well as medical and pharmaceutical law.

Our day-to-day practice includes drafting and negotiating contractual documentation, setting up business entities (e.g. limited liability companies, joint stock companies), drafting internal documentation and policies including compliance programmes and standard form contracts, and representing our clients in judicial or administrative proceedings.

In addition, we cooperate closely with accounting and tax advisors to ensure the most legally and financially effective solutions to our clients’ problems.